Private and Group Soccer Training

Venice FC offers world class Private and Group Soccer Training Sessions from 4-6PM at Tropical Park Stadium in Miami. Our trainers are former Professional Players and Certified Coaches who have played and trained at some of the highest levels of soccer around the world.

Private Session – Youth and Adult

Private Training Sessions are designed to offer a more individual approach to training. Players benefit from a session uniquely tailored to their individual skills and needs. A Venice FC trainer will work with the player to build players strengths, minimize weaknesses, and reach the player’s personal goals and potential.Players will get many touches of the ball, working on all surfaces of the foot.

Working on such areas as control, turning, weak and strong foot training and heading to name a few. Players can also request ‘positional training’ where our trainer would work on the primary skill set for the young players position, for example a striker would work skills such as on control from ground and air (back to goal/side to goal), shooting, finishing (ground/air), off the ball movement and heading.

1 hour | $80

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Group Training – Youth & Adult

Group Training Program will offer the opportunity for small groups to develop specific skills and methods of play. These sessions are designed to concentrate on the individuals’ needs, in addition to incorporating small game-like situations.This option is a great mix of individual attention and small group coaching. Groups can be made of team-mates looking to work on a specific tactical aspect of play, or just practice their own technique in challenged situations.

1 hour | $180 per group
3-4 players is considered a group

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Goalkeeper Training – Youth and Adult

The Modern Goalkeeper Training program provides quality technical instruction with individual development as the focus. Goalkeepers will be trained in various aspects of the game: technical reaction time, footwork, diving, timing and more.

1 hour | $70 per keeper
2-3 players is considered a group

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