Parents Now Manage Venice FC Miami

We are thrilled to announced the new management of the Venice FC Miami Academy.  The new management will be a Board of Advisors formed by two parents from each division, a coach and the new owners (who also happen to be parents). 

“This makes our academy a big “Familglia” and we want to serve the entire family while bringing Venice FC to the top of the state ranks” said Gene Roca, one of the new owners and father of two U14 players.

There will be exciting programs coming up for all ages.  This includes a Summer High School Bootcamp for all High School students who need to prepare for their school’s tryouts.  According to Mike Bailie, the Soccer Head Coach of Ronald Reagan High School, there are typically over 90 students who tryout for their High School Soccer team, however only 20 make it. There are many drills they can learn in advance and this Bootcamp will serve as an intense preparation to make it in the team.


Additionally, there will be ongoing tryouts.  They will take place during the Summer Camps. The Venice FC Miami Academy will start with the following divisions:  U8, U10, U12, U14, U15, U16 and U17.  A dream for us is to also start at least two girl divisions with a U8 and a U10. 


Last but not least, we are organizing an unforgettable trip to Italy where parents can enjoy the Bellizzima Venezia while our kids train and play with the Venezian professional players and their fellow junior players from the sister city.  

There is a lot more to come.  Just stay tuned for more news.

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