Our Methodology

Club Philosophy

Venice FC offers a structured path based on individual technique, which is the starting point for the construction on a young soccer player.  Players with good basic technique can act independently in any situation during the game, helping them become leaders on the field and responsible for their own destiny.  An adequate technical profile allows the player to learn more effectively and quickly, better understand a coaches instruction, and allows them to better develop fundamentals such as 1v1, which is the basis of any game situation.

At the youth level, the best teams are not the ones that win the most, but instead have mastered their technique which will improve their chances to go further in their soccer careers.

About Venice FC Miami:

Our coaches and trainers have a breath of playing experience. Many of our coaches have played and trained Professionally overseas in Europe and in the US. This allows us to provide the young player real world experience to fully prepare them for any game situation.

We formalize the characteristics of the player, with a strong emphasis on defensive balance and a general freedom on creative offense. All coaches of Venice FC Miami will follow these guidelines, leaving players the possibility of expressing their potential within a compact and organized structure.

We identify with three fundamental areas for the young soccer player:
1 – Construction = Self-Awareness
2 – Development = Growth and Learning
3 – Finalization = objectives and realization (creativity development, free thinking)

Come and join the Best Soccer Academy in Miami, Florida!

A valuable Youth Soccer Academy has two main tasks: while improving the soccer player’s potential is the main goal, the Academy must offer an educational environment which allows individuals to develop a disciplined, respectful, and mature personality. While only a few pupils may become professional players, all Academy players must be helped in becoming valuable citizens. The educational teachings learned in a Youth Soccer Academy should be applicable to any professional opportunity the pupils will face in the future. Education is the most powerful tool to improve our world, and giving importance to this aspect of life guarantees a balanced and fruitful personal growth. Studying empowers the mind, gives a deep intelligence of life, and allows better and quicker soccer decisions as well.

All coaches and staff of Venice FC Miami are not only former professional athletes, but are also highly educated completing both Bachelors and Master Degrees.

At Venice FC Miami, all players will be required to perform well in school and to demonstrate exemplary social behavior both on and off the field.

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