Venice FC Miami Youth Soccer Academy was formed by former professional players focused on bringing the highest quality training to Florida. We are an official Academy Affiliate of Venezia Football Club in Venice, Italy; an Italian Professional Soccer Club.  All staff members of Venice FC Miami have played professional in the US and or Europe.

All players and families of Venice FC Miami have the opportunity to travel to Venice; one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Our soccer teams will compete in the FYSA and US Club Soccer leagues. We will also participate in many soccer tournaments throughout the year. Our best players have the incredible opportunity to travel to Venice, Italy and train with the official Venezia FC Academy; regarded as one of the best in all of Italy. All Venice FC Miami players can enjoy the annual International Summer Camp while their families enjoy everything Venice has to offer.

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, a sporting society of great tradition, a regional capital, a land historically rich in football talents, and an important reference for the entire north-eastern territory of Italy.

Venice FC Miami wants to start a new path, marked by a strong sense of territoriality and belonging by the people who are part of and which contribute to the development of this project. A structural path based on football growth and on the educational training of our youth. The goal of Venice FC Miami will be to monitor, follow and accompany our children towards the achievement of their dreams so that they become natural ambassadors of sport through their example, as did our illustrious citizens in history.

The combination of football / cultural education , then becomes a prerogative on which to base our CREDO, based on respect for one’s self and consequently for others, on the values ​​of family, meritocracy, the spirit of sacrifice and the culture of work.

On the football field, we consider the care of the individual technique a primary aspect, the starting point for the construction of a young football player. A good basic technique, in fact, allows the athlete to act independently in any situation, helping him to feel the protagonist and sole responsible for his own destiny. An adequate technical profile allows the player to learn more effectively and quickly, the coaches teachings become essential in the development of the 1 v 1 fundamentals, which are the foundation of every game situation.

We believe that at the youth level, the best teams are not the ones that win the most, but those in which we give such an impression, which will allow most of their members to get to professional football.

Sense of belonging, loyalty, solidarity, generosity, imagination, courage are the values ​​we will put on the playing field. Values ​​that are enclosed in an eternal concept, without divisions of fate, a pure feeling that will have to unite anyone who will be part of this great dream arancioneroverde: love for football, love for these colors.

Victory must come only for the observance of these values, and it will never be a victory at any cost.

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